Magazine drive aims to raise $75,000 for school clubs, sports

By Scott Bays
staff writer

When it comes to extra-curricular activities, it’s all about the Benjamins. Money is the dominant source of compensation that keeps everything at MPS running smoothly. However, money does not grow on trees. The most important thing students can do to keep these programs running is raise money. With the ever-decreasing budget given to high school sports and programs, it’s more important than ever to increase money intake. But in order to that, there must be something to sell. Fortunately, DHS seems to have found its money raising niche in the annual magazine drive.

“The magazine drive is our biggest fundraiser here at Dow,” senior Luke Hotchkiss said. “On a nice night, just walk around to all your neighbors and just ask them. Everyone likes magazines, and chances are that if you do that, you’ll sell more magazines.”

Magazines are a form of written media that has not yet seen the end of its days. Despite the fact that more and more news is gained and viewed online, magazine sales remain strong. Therefore, if enough of an effort is made among the student body, magazines can easily be sold to neighbors and friends.

Hotchkiss is the President of Student Union this year. Student Union has always made it a priority to help the school. Selling to neighbors is a great place to start, as well as members of immediate family. If everyone went out and sold three magazines, the money raised would be a very substantial amount.

“We typically raise somewhere around $75,000. That’s our goal,” Hotchkiss said.

The magazine drive has been the main source of outside money for the schools. In addition to keeping the extra-curricular activities and sports running, students will find that selling more magazines possibly means a generous reward.

“We are offering daily incentives,” Hotchkiss said. “The top selling class gets doughnuts. If you sell five, you get Charger Bucks, and then we’re also doing the top ten prizes like a TV and an iPod Nano for the top ten sellers. We have a secret incentive that we’re working on right now, but it will only happen if we reach our goal.”

If enough awareness is spread, the magazine drive raises a lot of money. It is through this that DHS is able to continue sports, clubs and other organizations.

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