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So you’re rollin in the DHS parking lot and want to show off your car. Well, you can’t race through the parking lot, burnout, or drift. So what do you do? Well you can always show off your car’s audio system, and these top five bass songs will help you do that. As a warning, they contain explicit language.

1) Lil Wayne – Rider
We start out with my favorite bass song, which is “Rider.” I love this song the most because it starts out with a nice intro before going hardcore into the bass. It also provides many bass drops that surely will make your car bump.

2) Gucci Mane – Swing My Door
“Swing My Door” by Gucci Mane has been a long time favorite of mine. All around, it’s a good song and even the lyrics make sense at times, rare for a rap song. Some of the wording does get distorted through the bass in the song, but it’s good none the less.

3) Cam’ron – Cookies and Apple Juice
I know it’s a stupid title for a song, but this song seriously bumps all the time, even in a Camry! Other than that, this song is more for the bass then the lyrics. Despite that, it still makes my list

4) Drake – I’m Still Fly
Although less on the bass side, this song boasts some serious lyrics like Drake always does. Very clear and good lyrics give it a place on my list.

5) Dem Franchize Boyz – Ridin Rims
This song of course is good for bass, but that’s about it. I hate songs that just go on repeat like this song, but the bass just makes up for all of it. I love playing this song, although I occasionally get weird looks from people around me.

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