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“I’m Sexy and I Know It.” Possibly all of America knows this song by the famous music group LMFAO. At a recent October concert, I had the chance to see them at CMU. Not only was the concert fun, but the trip there was a challenge in itself.

Of course this concert was around the time when the band started to get really, really popular. All you’d hear on the radio were their hits “Party Rock Anthem” or “Shots.” Needless to say, I was pretty excited.

However, it was not a smooth journey. After around 10 minutes on the road, I realized I forgot my tickets at the house and had to drive back. After that, I almost ran out of gas and had to fill up. Not a half hour later, I discovered I was going the wrong way and actually getting further away from CMU. Besides this shortcoming, I still somehow managed to get to CMU on time to see the concert I had been anticipating for weeks.

When I arrived in the arena where they were playing, we were still early. Weaving through the floor crowd, we found a good spot for when the opener came on. Opening that night for him was Chester Haze, known to most people as Tom Hanks’ son. With his violent lyrics, he pumped up the crowd and got us all jacked up. By the time he ended though, we were all expecting what we paid for and all we got was disappointment. Following Hanks came a DJ that just played dub step for what seemed like forever. Nothing against the DJ or dub step, but we didn’t pay $38 dollars to listen to them, we came to see LMFAO.

With this in mind, me and my new CMU friend Kelsey decided to chant LMFAO to try and get them on stage faster and nothing seemed to work. Then with probably the best entrance possible, they came out and started singing “Shots.” Everyone in the arena started to sing along to that. Soon after, most of the crowd realized that they’re not really that good live. I was disappointed, so I started to talk to my friend more and before I knew it, I missed “Party Rock Anthem.”

Either way, it was one good night. But to anyone wanting to go to a concert, do your research to see if the person you plan on seeing is good live, unless you’re just going for the experience.

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