Blog: Surviving the zombie apocalypse

It’s been the plot for many movies, television series and books. For most, it’s simply a fun conversation topic, or the premise of a video game, but it could happen and I’d rather be safe than sorry. Yes, I’m talking about a Zombie Apocalypse. You may think I’m crazy for considering this, but even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a page on Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness. Seriously, look it up.

The where, when and why of this event are completely unpredictable, just as the monsters it will create. We will have no prior idea as to what the zombies will be like, so we need to prepare for anything. My first suggestion in protecting yourself against zombies is to learn about them. What attracts them and what are they afraid of. Chances are they’ll be like nothing we’ve ever seen but if you would find it useful, watch as many zombie movies as you can for ideas of what to look for. Even watch the cheesy and completely unrealistic ones like Dead Alive. We have no idea how these zombies will turn out so for all we know those movies could be spot on.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re up against, you’ll need to create a survival team. I’d get thinking of people so you don’t have to make this tough decision once you’re already surrounded by zombies. When picking team members, think about who would help you destroy a bunch of zombies if they invaded your base rather than cower under a table. These are the type of people you want. I’m sure a lot of you would love to spend your days with that pretty cheerleader in your economics class, or that sweet, sensitive guy in your world literature class, but those people wouldn’t be useful when you’re trying to fight off a pack of the undead. Think more along the lines of Liam Neeson in Taken, Brad Pitt in Troy, or Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass.

The next thing you’ll have to do after getting your team together is find a base. You have to find an area you can secure well, so nothing can get in. But you also have to be able to leave and get more supplies. I’ve always planned on occupying a Jay’s Sporting Goods store, but other places could work just as well. Stores such as Jay’s work not only because they’re sturdy and can easily be secured, but they already have supplies in them. You’ll need to pack up as much food and water as you can, but when it comes to everything else, you’ve got it there! They’ve even got camping supplies in case you have to travel elsewhere.

Gathering supplies would be another necessary task. Food and water are essential to life, so concentrate on those initially. Get as much water as you possibly can, and find a place near your base you’ll be able to get more from when you run out. As far as food goes, don’t get what tastes the best, get what will last the longest. You’ll want to stock up to minimize your trips outside of the base. Next, you’ll have to worry about getting weapons. This is going to take a lot of explanation, so I’ll begin a new paragraph.

First, get guns and as much ammo as you possibly can. Have at least two long range rifles for when big fleets of zombies come in. Everyone should have a shotgun. They’re not special, but they’re the ultimate zombie killing weapon. When the going gets tough, there should be some revolver side arms around. I’m talking .44 Magnums, they pack a punch. If the zombies are noise sensitive, crossbows are the way to go. You also have lots of melee options. Anything you can find works, really. Look for machetes, axes, chainsaws, baseball bats, anything, even swords. There’s always those obscure stores in the mall that sell swords, just go there and load up. I doubt anyone will be running the stores in the mall during the zombie apocalypse so they’d be free, and really, who doesn’t want to kill zombies with a sword?

If you do all these things, and do them well, you should survive for at least a couple months. If you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll need more than just a plan for survival. You’ll have to become a killing machine. You’ve got to fight until the end. Really just try your best to become Daryl from The Walking Dead and you should be fine.

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