DHS fans shouldn’t cheer for MHS in playoffs

By Logan Holman
staff writer

It was just another year of a great DHS spirit week and a not so good football game as the MHS Chemics trounced the Chargers 38-13. But this game was sort of irrelevant for the DHS football team. They had three wins and six losses, which didn’t put them in the playoff picture. However, the Chemics had eight wins and one loss, putting them in the picture frame. This made them the only high school football team from Midland in the playoffs. As a result, many DHS students began supporting MHS. But, they are still the rivals of DHS, so unless a win for them would somehow guarantee a playoff spot for DHS then students should not feel this way.

“Go Grand Blanc all the way,” junior Jon Plaxco said.

Grand Blanc is Midland’s opponent in the second round of the playoffs. This is the exact the attitude that DHS students should have about the playoffs. They definitely shouldn’t be supporting the rivals. Rivals are rivals no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the team is facing them or watching them, they are still the cross town nemesis.

“I have Dow spirit,” Plaxco said. “I want Dow to beat Midland in any and every aspect.”

He is exactly right. Students at DHS should take pride in the Chemics losing games.

“It’s like a Michigan fan supporting Ohio State,” Plaxco said. “It just doesn’t happen.”

His attitude is perfect, but one that surprisingly is in short supply.

“I will cheer for them,” senior Mackenzie Rinn said.

Mackenzie Rinn is likes the idea of a team going to the playoffs to represent Midland, even if it is not DHS.

“They represent Midland because they are from Midland,” Rinn said

Just because MHS is from the same place, doesn’t mean they represent DHS state wide. Obviously, DHS is located in Midland, but the Chemics don’t have the same traits that the students have at DHS. The Chargers are known state wide for their academics and success in sports like golf, tennis and swim.

“They (the rest of the state) don’t know the other side of Midland,” Plaxco said. “We are the better school.”

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