Blog: Libyan rebels wrong to treat Gaddafi so brutally

This has not been a good year for dictators.

The feared former dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, was finally killed on Oct. 20 2011 when rebels tracked him down and fatally shot him. As far as dictators falling, this year will go down in history. First al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden met his demise and recently Gaddafi suffered the same fate.

People who complained about the lack of photographic “evidence” surrounding bin Laden’s death will have little objection this time. Pictures of a dead Gaddafi can be found all over the internet, as well as a completely legitimate video where Gaddafi’s death is shown in detail. There is no doubt that this major world enemy can now officially be checked off the list.

The death of this man shows just how brutal people have become. Saddam Hussein was at least captured and put to trial prior to being executed. On the other hand, Gadaffi was brutally killed without a second thought. His death may improve life in Libya, but how he was killed is questionable in my opinion.

When viewed online, videos showing Gaddafi’s death are gruesome and vivid. The Libyan rebels shot him and beat him to death and then dragged him through the street, leaving a trail of blood. Though the rebels have fought against Gaddafi throughout the past year for all the right reasons, they have been driven to disgusting behavior. Their anger and frustration at the system and the dictator who had ruled since 1969 led them to this murder. His death does bring to an end a tyrannical reign in Libya, but how it came about was undesirable if not unexpected because his capturers had the mentality of an angry mob.

Throughout history, modern society has put an end to these sorts of people who are world threats in a more dignified manner. They were put to trial, and forced to answer to all the things they did. Then they are simply hung. The reasons for Gaddafi’s overthrow were the horrible things he did. The rebels stooped down to his level when they ripped him apart. A successful government is born out of peace and agreement, not madness and bloodlust. The death of Gaddafi is unquestionably a good thing, but how it came across is not.

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