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Most seniors want easy classes to pass the year since they have already been accepted to college. Although choosing easy classes seems simple enough, some seniors like me didn’t choose wisely and are now working their tails off after school on time consuming work.
My teachers are awesome but the workload isn’t. With the help of this blog, you will be able to select the perfect classes for a laid back senior year.

The first class is Team Sports. In this course, you generally spend the entire hour playing and sometimes learning about the sports you’re about to play. Even if you give the smallest bit of effort you’ll be able to get an A. On top of that, the teachers are awesome and totally make your hour if not your day. Since it is a gym class, you generally don’t get any homework. Additionally, there’s no formal exam.

Another class is Foods and Nutrition. On a regular day you could be cooking in a lab, or watching a movie and taking notes. It’s a huge plus if you often forget to have a lunch because you could just cook your own lunch. On some occasions you’ll have homework, but most the time you won’t. If you don’t enjoy the class, it’s only a semester long so you will be able to survive.

Business Math is another wise selection. Though a little bit harder than the previous two classes, it is still pretty easy, although there are projects every chapter and the occasional test as well. In this class you learn applicable life skills involving math, compared to the sea of useless information that were algebra, geometry and advanced algebra. Some topics covered are interest, salaries, car loan payments and taxes. A major benefit is that it counts as a math credit so it fits the requirement for the fourth year of math.

The last class I advise taking senior year is marketing. Marketing involves starting the day in the classroom with a prompt on what you are going to learn, then going to a computer lab for the rest of the hour to work on assignments or projects. Marketing also counts as a math credit. Like Business Math, marketing actually teaches you lots of life skills such as how different systems of the U.S. economy works. The teacher is also energetic and friendly.

As seniors, students want to end high school with great classes. These options definitely fit the bill.

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