Black Friday sales increase

Black Friday sales set a new record for the country bringing in at least $9.2 million this year just from online sales. According to Adobe Analytics, online sales are up 2.3% from last year and in-person sales are up 2.9%. 

 “I think this one was slightly more busy just because last year was still a lot of COVID,” Kohl’s employee and senior Paige Barnard said.

What are you buying this holiday season?

Black Friday just passed and the week following is full of even more deals. Walking around school Uggs are popping up more and more. Whether it be tall boots, slippers, or the most recently popular ultra mini’s. 

Locally, Uggs are available from Shoe Dept. Encore in the Midland Mall or Kohl’s. There are other, lower-priced alternatives that can give the same good quality. Bearpaw, an online store, states on its website that they deliver quality and style with high standards of craftsmanship. Bearpaw’s prices are $99 for more classic boots in comparison to Ugg’s $155 shoes. 


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