Elements of sports at DHS

It seems like everyone has a different opinion on sports: whether they like them or not, which team they like, and which sport they prefer to watch. 

There are several sports offered at DHS so what are all the different elements on what makes a sport, a sport?

Senior Teagan Bobalek discussed which sport at DHS she prefers based around it’s complexity.

“I think hockey is the most complex sport based on skill, because not only are you skating, you’re going through plays in your head, checking people and trying to get the puck into the goal,” Bobalek said.

Hockey has been around for 45 consecutive years. In 1976, DHS welcomed a hockey team to the school. Since then the hockey team fought its way into a ranking of number 40 in the state. They start their hard working year in December.

Hockey bases it’s game off of teamwork and competition. Teamwork is a skill that every sport needs, but can be difficult to acquire. Junior cheerleader Reagan Holm appreciates volleyball the most based on the teamwork qualities that it possesses. 

“Volleyball because they have to work together to get the ball over,” Holm said. “Not just one person can do it by themselves.”

In Michigan, DHS varsity volleyball is ranked number 155 and they hold a record at 5-7. Recently they’ve had five wins against very strong teams including Flint Powers, Bay City Western and Saginaw. They verse Midland on Oct. 26 with hopes to win. 

Regarding sports, most people have a favorite. One that they can play all day and watch on TV. A sport they can go to and have fun. Popularity with sports often has something to do with what the player themselves can get out of playing. Sophomore Isabelle Diehl relieves emotions by playing. 

“Softball is my favorite because it’s the sport I play and it’s a good way for me to release all my stress, like if I had a bad day and I go out and play it, it just helps me calm down,” Diehl said. 

Last year when varsity softball went to championships, it was a very big accomplishment for all of them. The softball team also beat Midland for the first time in years winning 11-9. Overall the 2021 season was a very successful year to the varsity players for their spirit and teamwork. 

Not only do sports help people to be active, they also help with stress and can be an emotional outlet to a lot of people. For many people, sports provide happiness to dedicated fans and DHS offers many different options for people to enjoy.

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