Two sides of the same coin; DHS swim and dive charge onward

Swim and Dive are two very distinct sports, yet they are two sides of the same coin. Dow High’s Girls Swim and Dive teams mirror each other as they compete together, each working through similar trials towards similar goals. Both sports require grace, precision, and determination in order to succeed.

The program proudly holds a 7-1 season record with several other successes to boot. The swim team has had 5 girls achieve individual state qualifying times, as well as all relay cuts. They have also had 11 girls qualify for the MISCA championships. Both the swim and dive team will continue working with the hopes of more victories soon to come.

Although the coaches are there to support and correct, swim coach Clare Fries believes that most of the season’s successes can be attributed to the girls’ love for each other and their drive to always improve.

“We have some of the best young women on this team, and they are responsible for the success of this team,” Fries said. “We are truly a family, and a HUGE portion of that goes out to our upperclassmen. That success is [also] credited to the athletes putting in the time and effort over the summer. With club swimming, I had over 87 percent of both the Dow High Girls & Boys team participate. That is the most numbers they had ever seen.”

Even with all of the brilliant successes that came with the new season, the entire coaching staff as well as the athletes agree that they are all still battling the aftershocks of COVID-19’s initial impact. They choose to tackle this issue by staying positive and keeping the sense of community alive within the program.

“The most memorable moment of the season for me so far is probably the team sleepover we had in the beginning of the season,” junior Sophia Sower said. “It was a great opportunity for the team to bond because last year we didn’t get that chance.”

However, getting back to a normal season means normal problems return with it. Injuries are a pressing concern on both sides of the program.

“The most difficult obstacle I have faced this season would be an injury I sustained this past summer,” said junior Emily Krzoick. “I fractured my pelvis which has hindered my preseason training and the progression of this year’s diving season.”

Fries chooses to remain optimistic throughout these misfortunes by focusing on how well the girls have bounced back and responded to these challenges.

“Every girl on the team has recovered so well,” Fries said. “I don’t have lots of seasons to compare to, but I think this will be a very successful season.”

To have the results that the coaches and athletes are all hoping for, the girls will have to stay mentally and physically fit as they draw closer to the most difficult part of their season.

“I plan to make sure I’m listening to my body,” Sower said. “[I’ll] physically keep myself healthy by making sure I’m eating right, getting enough sleep, stretching out, and icing when I need to. And I will keep myself mentally healthy by trying not to not be too hard on myself or psych myself out for upcoming meets.”

Krzoick agrees emphatically that it is important to keep yourself as healthy as possible to be at one’s peak performance level.

“I plan to continue to perfect my dives and try to gain a few new ones, as well as maintain a positive attitude as this season starts to wrap up,” Krzoick said.

The program’s next meet will be on Thursday, October 28, starting at 5:40, where the Lady Chargers will take on Midland High.

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