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“How was your day?” Great question, my sweet, sweet mother! Allow me to answer your question with another– how would you feel if you were obligated to shut up and learn in front of a screen for the duration of any old school day?

Online school. It’s boring. What more needs to be said? Without the typical scenery and interactions between one another, there’s really nothing to affect how your day goes. Why keep asking how my day went?

Sure, I get the standpoint that if parents don’t ask how their kids’ day went, then chances are they won’t get an immediate answer. But when we’re zoning out on a laptop screen all day, what’s expected from us?

Dad, I ask that you please don’t get mad at me when I give a one or two-word response. I’m not hiding anything, I swear. No, I did not get tormented relentlessly. I didn’t get pantsed, either. 

What I did get was a stack of geometric proofs for homework and a heads up for an upcoming biology assessment next week.

Intriguing, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure you’d love to hear all about it.

I truly do appreciate being asked how my day went. It’s a simple act of courtesy that shows that I’m cared for in so many ways– my wellbeing, my day-to-day life, what I’m doing in my classes, so on. The catch here is that my answer everyday is going to be along the lines of fine or boring. After some time, I can only imagine how repetitive that answer will be. 

Step into my shoes for a second. I’ve done nothing except for trying oh-so desperately to focus, procrastinating, and accumulating homework all day long. I’ve barely moved from my seat at the kitchen table since 7:45 a.m. The typical workday ends around 5 p.m. You’re home now. Would you like to do the math and figure out just how long I’ve been here?

Insane, I know.

Hey, I suppose I’ve got another answer to the burning question up my sleeve– tiring, even draining, at least mentally speaking. My eyes as well. A positive here is that once I’m done with my assignments for that day, I’m done. I’m finally granted the freedom to run around hog wild within the boundaries of my house, perhaps outside if it’s not frigid and pitch black by then.

Alright, I know, I know. I sure am coming off as a negative Nelly. Online schooling isn’t the end of the world, more or less making an attempt to prevent that. I’m grateful that precautions in regards to the coronavirus are being implemented. It’s important that we do such things to keep everyone as safe as possible. I just wish things didn’t have to be this way.

Nothing’s the same. I can’t give my usual response when asked how my day went– good— because it doesn’t feel quite right. 

If and when we get past this whole global pandemic, I will once more be understanding of my parents asking how my day went– but, for the time being, don’t expect much.

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One thought on “Oh, what a day! | Teagan’s Take

  1. Curt Gledhill December 22, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    “Online schooling isn’t the end of the world, more or less making an attempt to prevent that. ” Excellent line. Nicely written article. All too true!


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