NAHS celebrates culture

Last school year, members of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) began creating a mural in the foreign language hallway. This mural is being created to decorate the foreign language hallway with a work of art that shows and celebrates different cultures and traditions.

“We want to make sure that a variety of cultures are being acknowledged and appreciated with a visual that looks great,” senior Loree Chung said. 

The theme of the mural consists of significant landmarks and traditions from various cultures. Some of the the major landmarks that are included are the Colosseum from Italy, Mount Fuji from Japan, and the Pyramids from Egypt. The goal of this mural is to be inclusive of multiple cultures and lifestyles across the world.

After this current mural in the foreign language hall is completed in the near future, NAHS is planning on creating other murals that members can work on.

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Madeline DeLong

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