DHS student leadership reflects on Sadie Hawkins

As the month of Feb. draws to an end, student leadership takes time to reflect on the work they have completed for the Sadie Hawkins dance. The dance took place on Feb. 15, and has occurred every year. The dance is traditionally known for the role of the girls asking the boys to the dance as a way to break typical gender stereotypes.

The dance is planned and put together by the student leadership classes. They mainly plan out promotions, ticket sales, decorating, and the time and place.

“We figure out chaperones, food, reserving the cafeteria, all the little technical things,” junior Fatimah Khan said. “We basically ran the whole thing.”

The upcoming events student leadership has planned for DHS include the talent show, which is on Mar. 4, and Mr. Charger, which takes place on Apr. 17.

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Mehvish Khan

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