Taking Action Against Sexism club

Earlier this school year the Taking Action Against Sexism Club was established by juniors Faith Tabler and Zoe Dauphinee. Mrs. Nelson acts as supervisor for the TAASC club, also commonly referred to as the Anti-Sexism Club, which will begin meeting in room 304 at the start of February. 

“Our goal is to reduce sexism, not only in Dow High, but just also increase the awareness of sexism, and how it presents itself in society outside of school,” Tabler said. 

Tabler talked about how she seeks to empower other women and herself through TAASC, as well as push for gender equality in activities that she believes are male dominated.

“It’s kind of like proving that I’m capable, so as a girl who’s interested in STEM and as a girl who’s part of the debate community, those are both very male dominated activities and communities,” Tabler said. “And so I guess the way that I’ve combated it is just like making sure that I’m always on top of my work and proving to people that I’m just as capable as anyone else.” 

TAASC will hold its second meeting the first week of February, right after the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close. From there on, the club will be meeting the first and third week of every month.

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