Model United Nations back on track

Model United Nations (MUN) met for the second time this school year to discuss and assign positions for this year’s MUN conference at Michigan State University. Club president and senior Lillian Pressnell-Manceau talked to several students about the club and then assigned committees and positions to people who wanted them.

This year, DHS was assigned Russia as their main country, which means that most DHS participates will represent Russia in their committees. This includes larger general assemblies such as the Human Rights Council, an Environmental program, the International Atomic Energy Association, and specific committees that deal with crises in history like The Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1960s, or Nelson Mandela’s government after his election in 1995

But there is some question as to whether or not MUN is viable at DHS.

“Last year didn’t have enough people and we had to pay over a thousand [dollars] and now we don’t have enough people again, but it could be worse,” Pressnell-Manceau said. 


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