DECA students get opportunity to practice at Northwood DECA Day

On Dec. 7, DHS DECA members attended the annual Northwood DECA Day. At DECA, students were given the opportunity to practice their event role plays along with learning tips to help them succeed in their events. Students were also given a tour of Northwood’s campus and had the opportunity to ask questions to members of Northwood’s collegiate DECA team.

Some students found that being able to practice their roleplay helped them realize what areas they need to work on before DECA Districts.

“I feel like my partner and I still have areas that we need to improve on,” junior Max Doty said. “And we just need to work on presenting in more of an orderly fashion.”

Students in team events also struggled due to not having as much time to prepare. Typically for team events, students receive 30 minutes to prepare but at Northwood DECA Day they only received 10 minutes. 

“I definitely felt a little underprepared,” senior Sofi Maher said. “But given the circumstances, I thought it was a very good opportunity to learn and get a feel for everything else going on and get back in the DECA swing of things.” 

The next DECA event for students is Districts on Dec. 17 at SVSU.

For more information on Michigan DECA check out this website:

During DECA Day students were given a tour of Northwood’s campus. Students were able to see the school’s E-Sports Lab along with other Northwood features.


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