Working at a funeral home

High school students may have more common jobs such as waiting tables and working cash, however, others may find less common work. Senior Erika Ware has been working at her father’s funeral home since last year.

“I work at Ware-Smith-Woolever Funeral Home,” Ware said. “I do general printing and make paper goods for services, like thank you notes and funeral cards.”

Ware primarily does paperwork for the funeral home, but she has had work experiences that other high school workers do not usually have.

“You work with sad families and sometimes you work at funerals or visitations,” Ware said. “So you have to figure out how to work in a different setting than you’re not usually in.”

Although Ware works with grieving families, she surrounds herself with positive people.

“I like the coworkers,” Ware said. “I grew up with them, like my extended family, so I like spending time with them.”

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