Marketing students selling treats, other products for Make-A-Wish project

Nov. 11, students in marketing classes began selling products for the Make-A-Wish project. There are a variety of products being sold during both lunches until Nov. 22. 

At first lunch, one of the products being sold is a mixture of white chocolate, pretzels, peanuts, Cheerios, Chex, and M&M’s. It is being sold for $2 per bag. 

Candles are also being sold, with a variety of scents including “Sugared Vanilla” and “Wild Cherry”. Prices for candles vary from $7 for one candle to $30 for 5 candles. 

Another product is cups of hot chocolate which are being sold for $1.

During second lunch there are many desserts being sold, such as brownies for 75 cents and chocolate dipped Oreos at the price of two for $1. 

There are also DHS lanyards being sold for $3.

However, not all groups are selling products. Some are instead offering services and setting up events. Freshmen Bella Brown and Emma Mertes are hosting DHS Movies for their project, with costs $5 per ticket and $1 for each snack. The upcoming dates for these movies are Nov. 19 and Nov. 22.

Besides selling their goods and services, students have also gotten the experience to use some of the skills they’ve learned in the marketing classes for this project. 

“It definitely has a big correlation with what we’ve been learning with advertising and price points,” junior Ethan Carn said.

If one is interested in buying these products during lunch, they are on sale in the hallway by the Charger Shoppe.

For more information on the Make-A-Wish project check out this article here:

Students walk down the hallway during first lunch to look at the different products available. Between Nov. 11 and Nov. 22 marketing students are selling goods and services for their Make-A-Wish projects. All profits raised from these sales was donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.



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