Trump impeachment trial gains momentum

Donald Trump is currently facing impeachment claims. Allegations that he acquired support from Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky are causing political controversy. The evidence includes a rough transcript of a call that Trump had with Zelensky on July 25, asking him to investigate the family of a political rival of the upcoming 2020 elections, Joe Biden. 

Additionally, he is being investigated with holding Ukraine military funds given by Congress to increase pressures on Zelensky. Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced that the House would launch a formal impeachment inquiry on Sept. 24 in response to these allegations.

“It’s really divisive to the nation,” government teacher Jefferey Richards. “It’s very hard for the government to recover from that, so it really puts us in a weird spot as a nation of divisive politics and how to rebuild our government from whatever comes out of impeachment.”

The constitution allows Congress to impeach under treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors. This case falls under the third category. Impeachment does not require a presidential action to break a law, however, if the actions are confirmed, Trump will have received a large contribution from a foreign party for his campaign which is forbidden by campaign finance laws.

Trump is currently being accused of “obstruction of justice”, “violation of the foreign emoluments clause”, violation of the domestic emoluments clause”, “undermining the independence of the federal judiciary”, and “undermining the freedom of the press”. The House of Representatives approved a resolution to formalize the impeachment inquiry procedures with a vote of 232-196. 

As of now, the House Intelligence Committee will hold the first public hearings of the impeachment inquiry next Wednesday, Nov. 13.

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Sophie Ungerleider

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