Exercising in front of a screen

Within the last couple of years, a new fitness sensation has found its way into thousands of gyms and homes around the globe. Peloton is a biking fitness machine that brings more to the table than just a bike. Each Peloton machine is equipped with a 22-inch screen, from which you watch HD live or prerecorded video biking classes.  

All it takes is a machine, a free-to-use Peloton account, and a willing mindset to participate. Each class is run by a real, professional, motivating instructor who will tell users certain pedaling speeds, resistance settings, and positions to bike in for the best possible work out. Some workouts are mental and physical challenges while others are easier cool-down stress relievers, meaning a variety of ages can enjoy a Peloton ride.

“It’s definitely not easy, but it’s fun, and it’s a challenge,” junior Meagan Jones said.

Jones has a Peloton in her home and likes to use the machine to get her exercise in.

“You don’t really have a relationship with the instructors, but you find the ones you like, and it makes exercising more enjoyable.” Jones said.

Peloton currently has 11 instructors. The 11 are spread across both genders and many different races.

Those interested in a Peloton can buy a machine themselves for the price of $2,245, or can pay a monthly subscription of $58 per month for 39 months.


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