Soccer season success

Soccer has been an important part of the DHS athletic program, and this current team of athletes is looking to leave their mar. This season ,the guys netted 15 wins, losing only three games. The older athletes on the team seemed pretty confident in the future of the program, and for good reason. The young talent on the team has been a huge boost. The teams seniors such as Adam Pacholke have seemed happy to accept the younger guys and were excited to see them buy into the culture of the team.


“When I was younger,”the seniors, they loved it and we bought into it we got into it,” Pacholke said. “As you know, we have a freshman on varsity.  “He got into it and it’s just nice to see that we all come together, not just separate teams junior varsity and varsity we come together as a program, and we do these traditions like get our haircuts. We all do it you know we’re like scared but we get in the chair, no matter how many times you’ve done it. It’s just a great experience. We all get together and everybody gets into it.”


Chemistry alone  may be enough to set up a successful season and a great atmosphere for everyone. Senior  Logan McNamara is glad to see the team chemistry improve and everyone working together.


“I think our chemistry has improved a lot more compared to last year, because our team motto this year is the brotherhood,” said McNamara. “We’ve been trying to really trying to bond and actually make ourselves, the brotherhood.”                                                                                                                                               

The team has given it their all to become “the brotherhood”, thanks to the individual efforts and the job done by head coach Drew Emmerts. The seniors seem to appreciate what he has done for the team and how he continues to push them to constantly get better as a team.


“He’s an awesome guy,” McNamara said. “ He [Coach Drew] came from Alma, he played at Alma and then he coached at Alma for a while so he knows the game really well. And he pushes us way more than we did last year, last year we kind of joked around a lot. This year, we got a lot done in the summer, he has a strict plan of what we’re going to do every day, make sure we’re the best in shape team. He just pushed us every single day just to do our best and be the best team that we can.”


 The team seems pleased with what they and coach Drew have done for the team. The excitement for future teams here at DHS is building and the current group of guys seem to have faith in the team continuing the dominant play these previous teams have showed. This years team was full of potential and seemed to be and exciting one. 

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