Nancy Pelosi is a goddess, change my mind

Finally. Someone had the gall to stand up to President Donald Trump. On his own turf, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment claim against Trump and immediately launched the House and Senate into trial preparations. Currently, both public and private hearings are being held. 

There are plenty of people on both sides of this issue. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland’s testimony stands out to me. His statements completely ripped apart the defense of both the White House and congressional Republicans. Sondland provided emails and text messages that prove that “everyone was in the loop.” According to Sondland, everyone knew about the president’s deal with the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for a White House meeting. 

I see these hearings as a blessing. If Trump has done the things Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats say he has, then getting him out of office is the best option in my mind. If he hasn’t done these things, then at least we know for sure that the rumors we’ve heard are just rumors. However, if the claims made by the Democrats had no merit, I don’t believe they would have made the claims in the first place. They have to have at least a little beef to back their bacon, and it seems like they’re doing just fine in this fight so far. 

Speaker Pelosi will fight this to the end. Whether or not President Trump is convicted, it seems that the Democrats aren’t going down without a fight.

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Molly Birch

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