SADD/SAVE Takes Action for Kindness Week

Seniors Lillian Pressnell and Joe Krzciok sell candy grams to students during 1st lunch.

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually across the globe on Nov. 13. The SADD/SAVE club helped spread awareness to students at DHS by participating in several kindness related activities throughout the week. SADD/SAVE stands for “Students against destructive messages and students against violence everywhere”. Each year the club holds an anti-bullying week; however, this year they held a kindness week. The club also does an anti-drunk driving week in the spring before prom.

Monday marked the beginning of kindness week. SADD/SAVE was already off to promoting kindness. In both lunches, students were given the opportunity to sign a kindness themed poster and associate their name with the message of the week. On Tuesday, students were encouraged to write what had been stressing them down on paper to later rip it up and throw it away. Students who did so were given a Charger stress ball as a reward. 

Lastly, On Wednesday and Thursday, the club sold candy-grams to gift to other students with a kind message for 50 cents.

“We’re selling them so people can send something nice to their friends,” senior Lillian Manceau said. 

Manceau is the president of the SADD/SAVE club and helped promote kindness throughout the week. The candy grams were distributed to students during 3rd hour on Friday, Nov. 15. 

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