Varsity cheer spur football team through season

So far this football season, girls varsity cheer has supported from the sideline at every game. They have been encouraging the student section with cheers different than last year, as well as getting ready to perform in homecoming and Midland/Dow assemblies.  The team, including senior Alexis Krawczak, are very proud of the student section this year.

“I honestly love cheering for the games because I love how responsible the crowd is,” said Krawczak.

Once the sideline cheer season is over, the cheerleaders have the opportunity to continue cheering during competition season in the winter.

“Competition season tryouts are in November, and then our first competition should be in December,” senior Mikaila Brubaker said.

Brubaker, similar to Krawczak, is excited for all the events they will be cheering at this season, branching out from just the football games.

“We’re going to try to get involved as much sports as possible, even if that’s going to volleyball games or going to any other sporting events,” Brubaker said.

For additional information on a varsity football game, check out this story.

Varsity cheerleaders performing a sideline cheer for the student section at a home football game against Bay City Central.
Photo by Austin Urlaub.

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