Don’t let dances destroy your self-esteem

It’s that time of year again, people. Leaves are turning a burning orange and the smell of pumpkin-spice lattes fills the air. I am ready to throw open my closet doors and dig deep to uncover the sweaters that have been buried since the last frost. With the infamous spooky season comes another thing. It’s officially sweater weather and I am here for it, but I am not ready for Homecoming. 

While Homecoming can be a week to celebrate school spirit through the spirit days and the football game and to have fun at a dance, it can also be a time of major stress and anxiety for someone like me. To start, I am not the kind of person who goes shopping for a fancy dress. I would prefer to be in a pair of sneakers and jeans. I don’t wear high heels. I don’t wear makeup anymore. 

The weeks leading up to Homecoming make me want to throw up. I search for the “perfect dress” tirelessly until I settle for something that isn’t perfect and I don’t really like. I agonize over whether or not to try heels this time or just wear my sneakers like I always have. 

Furthermore, I always feel depressed when I don’t have a date. I know, deep down, I don’t need to go with a date to have fun. They say it’s more fun to go with a group of friends, anyway. I don’t have a boyfriend so I shouldn’t be set on having a date, but I hope someone will ask me anyway. And heaven forbid that I ask someone out myself. 

In a contradictory turn of events, I always have fun at the actual dance. I stress for weeks on end and for what? A good time dancing my heart out with my friends? 

I propose a change to the mentality surrounding Homecoming. Wear what you want because it makes you feel good about yourself. Go with or without whoever because you want to have a good time. You aren’t there to impress anyone. Bust down and dance your heart out. The four years you spend here are the only ones you’ll get. Make some memories that will last into your 60s that you can tell your grandchildren about. Stop stressing about the small details.

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