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For 51 years, Update has informed the students of Dow High with brick and mortar print issues. Roughly nine years ago, Update created a website, occasionally posting small bits of content, but always remaining subversive and second to the print edition of Update.

However, the 2019-2020 Editor in Chief, Lillian Pressnell-Manceau, has decided to drastically shift the allocation of Update’s content towards the online publication. 

“I really wanted to improve our online presence,” Pressnell-Manceau said. “I am excited that the Update is moving online because it allows us to broaden our horizons.” 

Despite shifting its focus onto the website, the Update staff will still be producing six print issues annually, all consisting of eight color pages. Each issue will be more focused on a particular theme or event. 

Several staff members expressed eagerness and excitement in regards to the publication making the partial switch. 

“I like that we have more freedom to do what we want,” sophomore managing copy editor Sofi Aultman said. 

“It’s going to open up our capabilities in a crazy way, we’re going to be able to do so much more than we ever could in print online and I’m so excited about it,” junior managing feature editor Molly Birch said. 

This drastic shift will lead to a steadier, weekly stream of content online. Readers should expect several articles a week, as well as other forms of stand alone content like photo and video reporting. 

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