DHS band shows true Charger spirit

DHS showed true charger spirit during the annual homecoming parade, which occured on Oct. 3rd. The mile-long walk was fueled by the enthusiasm of DHS’s band, which played the school fight song.

“I remember when I was little I’ve always wanted to be in the marching band and that was the only thing I looked forward to with parades,” sophomore Samira Hussein said. “So now I get to be the reason that other kids look forward to the parades.”

The band has many traditions, one of them being marching in the hallways on game days. The marching takes place at the beginning of second hour. The march starts near the English office and ends at the gold gym.

“Being in band has definitely given me a lot more confidence,” Hussein said. “It’s definitely made me more of a leader because you have to take on leadership roles when you are like performing a drill.”

Since band is an involved group at DHS, many members reflect on the good outcomes of their experiences.

“You make so many new friends every day,” senior Cameron Stuart said. “I just feel like I’m a better person overall because of band.”

The band continues to practice everyday, and is preparing for showcase, where all the bands of the Midland county perform, which takes place on Oct. 16th. They are also getting ready for the annual Midland vs. Dow football game on Oct. 25th.

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