New and improved iPhone

Apple recently released its long awaited iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro. It was released on Sept. 20th with a predicted 32 million new phones sold. 

Junior Salma Elsaadany had much to share about the new and improved cell phone. 

“I thought it was a good investment,” Elsaadany said. “My old phone would never connect to WiFi, so it was broken. So I feel like this was a good option for me.”

The new phone has 3 new lenses, the ultra wide, wide, and telephoto camera. It even offers a new night mode setting, which lets the user take good quality pictures in low light settings. 

“Well, it has the third camera [lense] so you can zoom out,” Elsaadany said. “So if you’re taking a selfie and it’s kind of wide, you can fit more people into the picture.”

Elsaadany expressed her overall opinion on the brand new iPhone.  

“I like it personally,” she said. “ I like the third telephoto lens because it’s really good for taking selfies with lots of people and you can fit more things when you’re taking a picture. It’s overall really convenient.”


Expanding the picture, the new iPhone 11 Pro features the new telephoto lenses, creating a more clear and wide result. 

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