Northwood Auto Show starts its engines

This upcoming weekend Northwood University hosts its 56th International Auto Show starting on Sep. 27 through Sep. 29, being free to the public and is run entirely by the Northwood student body.  

Taylor Timoszyk, a Northwood University student has been helping with the auto show for three years, and this year is a chair member in helping to plan and execute the largest outdoor new car show in North America. 

“We feature over 50 brands [of vehicles], we have over 500 vehicles, and it’s completely student ran,” Timoszyk said. 

With the auto show having 500 vehicles, a lot must happen in order for the show to be successful. Northwood University Associate Professor and Chair of Automotive Marketing and Management, Elgie Bright, helps to be a grand overseer in the student-run auto show, believing that the auto show is a great way for the community to come together and enjoy a student-run event. 

“For the community itself, I think it’s a way to connect the communities,” Bright said. “Of all the things you could do this weekend, one of them is you can come to Northwood University and interact with students, you can see the latest and greatest vehicles, you don’t have to go from dealership to dealership to dealership, they’re all right here.”

Northwood University International Auto Show Event Page

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