Michigan Math League comeback

The Michigan Math League (MML) test is coming back to Dow High starting on October 8th. No sign-ups are necessary to take the test, and the dates will be announced on the morning announcements as the dates get closer. The MML consists of six questions designed to test the problem solving abilities of students and teachers across Michigan. Schools, as well as individuals, are recognized for high scores, and Dow has won in the central Michigan area several times in the past.

“If you were to place top ten in the state [for your MML score], it’s one of those things that you could throw on an application for camp or college and it would be a good thing,” math teacher Garrett Turner said. 

Although the competition can be fierce, preparation is largely unnecessary. Due to the nature of the test, no amount of studying or memorizing would help a student score highly, as there is no way to tell what will be on the test. 

For Turner, the test is important because it gives students a chance to see what they have to improve on and where they are at with their problem solving skills. Because of this, he likes to go over the test in his classes a few days afterwards, so everyone can take something important away from the experience. 

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