Cruisin’ Kitchen cruises through Midland

Many students know that on Thursday, Sept. 19, lunch had a fun little addition to it. A food truck was parked outside the cafeteria. The Cruisin’ Kitchen Food Truck is a Chartwells company food truck that is passing through Michigan. The truck offered street tacos for the students and staff at Dow High.

Around 100 students bought tacos from the truck. They had two different types of tacos including chicken and vegetables. The tacos were very reasonably priced at $2.95 for students, and $3.95 for adults. The office were offered the tacos for free. Students did not need to have cash to pay, they could just pay with their school account balance. 

“I know it traveled all over Michigan, and it stopped at Midland yesterday, and Dow High today,” administrator Lynn Burns said.

The truck has also visited states other than just Michigan.

“I know its traveled to Wisconsin and one other state, but I can’t remember,” Burns said.

The bus is back on the road on its way to its next destination. Students can stay updated as to where the bus has traveled and where it is going next through the trucks official twitter page, @CK12CruisinKitchen.

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