Castles to complexes

From Tanzania to Ethiopia, Washington D.C. to Germany, and Maryland to Midland, senior Conrad Varhola has lived in more places than he can count on one hand. Because Varhola’s mother travels in the military, every two years he and his family begin another journey. This summer, however, Varhola, his family, and his newly retired mother moved from their station overseas in Stuttgart, Germany to Midland, Michigan, his mother’s hometown. 

Upon arriving in Midland, Varhola has done nothing but adjust. “It’s not too bad to adjust to a new language here because everyone speaks English, but the biggest difficulties for me are the school, the classes, meeting new people, and doing the same routine over and over again,” Varhola said. 

Although he misses the ease of connected transportation in Germany, he loves the spaciousness of the United States. At Dow High, Varhola is on the swim team and plans to join the National Honors Society. After graduating, he will most likely join the naval academy and follow in the footsteps of his mother, traveling in the military.

For more information on Stuttgart, Germany, visit:

This is an image of senior Conrad Varhola in Germany during 2017.
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