DECA prepping for new school year

It may only be the second week of school, but DECA is already kicking off the year with their first club meeting. The informational meeting took place on Sept. 10 and the club met before first hour, after the sixth hour, and also after seventh hour. During the meeting they gave an idea of what DECA would be like for students interested in the business competition club. The DECA co-presidents, seniors Anish Middha and Kiran Sequira, discussed upcoming competitions, membership fees, and all the benefits of joining DECA. Vice president of fundraising for DECA, junior Olivia Miller, spoke on why she thinks that students should join DECA.

“I just think it’s a really good experience,” Miller said. “It’s a good way to meet people and it’s really a small amount of work for lots of benefits.”

It seems that DECA is off to a great start this year with an expected number of about 85 members to join. If students are still interested in joining DECA and did not attend the informational meeting, they are able to speak with Mrs. Royalty in Room 353 for more information.


DECA co-presidents, senior Anish Middha and senior Kiran Sequira, talk about how a DECA competition works and the specific elements to the competitions.
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