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With around 1,300 students in the building, passing faces in the hall can blur together. It can be easy to forget that everyone has an individual story. It’s the minute details of everyone’s lives that can shape them and make them human. Inspired by photographer Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, these are the People of DHS.

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Above all, science teacher Luann Kuznicki always goes back to her family for her success in life. She credits her parents for consistently helping her, being incredibly hard workers, and helping her with every challenge, even school work despite their limited educations.

“Neither [of my parents] went to college, but my dad could help me with my algebra homework,” Kuznick said.  

Her parents are some of the largest role models in her life, past and present. Their relationship was also a good example of compromise and real love.

“They just are so cute together because they have their differences, yet, they still show each other that they love each other,” Kuznick said.

Partially attributing her success in life to her parents, Kuznicki believes that it was easier to make difficult decisions and deal with hard times knowing that her parents would support her.

“Even when I didn’t think I would have their support, I did,” Kuznicki said. “I had to make decisions that I thought they would disapprove of, and they might not like my decision, but they were supportive and behind me because it was the right decision for me to make.”

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Kuznicki believes that it’s important to follow one’s dreams no matter what. Even if they may be difficult to reach, she thinks it’s important to always keep striving to reach your goals.

“Do not be afraid to make mistakes, to be yourself and to do what makes you happy,” Kuznicki said. “Just go for your dream.”

Part of Kuznicki’s dreams lie with her relationships with her grandchildren. They are an important part of her life, being a great source of happiness. Some of her favorite things also come from the connections she’s made with the other young people in her life, particularly her students.

“The best thing is when my grandchildren tell me they love me, give me hugs, and they tell me they miss me,” Kuznicki said. “And, it’s always fun in class to have the connections with certain students and to see them finally have things clicking. That’s one of the best things about the teaching part. I see that happening a lot this year.”

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