Hit, Pride, Win the show

In May, the Student Leadership class is hosting the first annual Mr. Charger pageant. Mr. Charger is a mock male pageant with a fun theme. This pageant is to be held a day before prom, May 19 at 7 pm. The pageant is being held in order to get students excited for prom. Seven juniors and seven seniors will be chosen by the students of DHS to compete in the pageant.

On Monday, April 10, a Google form was sent to all school emails of the students. The instructions were to nominate three juniors and three seniors for Mr. Charger. The top 25 nominees from each grade were compiled into a list that was posted on the Student Leadership Twitter page on April 12. The second and final round of voting started on Thursday, April 13. Results from that round of voting should be posted this week.

The Mr. Charger pageant will consist of four different rounds. The contestants will be judged by a few teachers that were chosen by students.

Round one will introduce the contestants dressed in their prom attire. Round two is a talent round where contestants can show their skills. The third round will showcase the contestants in their best Charger spirit wear. In the fourth and final round, contestants will be asked a series of questions.

At the end of the pageant, the contestants in second and third place will be given awards. The contestant who finishes in first place will be given the title of “Mr. Charger.”

The Mr. Charger pageant theme is “High School Musical.”

By Chloe Welch

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Chloe Welch

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