Lydia Hershauer places as finalist in photography competition

Senior Lydia Hershauer was announced as a finalist in the Photographer’s Forum annual spring competition. The magazine is a photo publishing business that holds photo competitions every spring and fall. Both high school and college students are encouraged to submit their images for a panel of judges to choose the best photos. There are eight top winners (first, second, third place winners, and four fourth place winners) that receive prize money as well as having their photograph published in the magazine. In addition, 800 finalists that are selected to have their pictures published in the business’ annual book, Best of College and High School Photography. Students are allowed to submitted as many photos as desired, but each submission costs $4. Since it was a national competition, there were about 15,000 submissions and this year, out of the 15,000, there were 823 chosen finalists as well as 100 honorable mentions.

Art teacher, Curt Gledhill was the one to introduce the competition to Hershauer and encouraged her to enter. She submitted six photos, in which one was selected to be a finalist. Hershauer has become more actively involved with photography during the past year. Although this was her first time being involved with the competition, she is unsure if she will continue to submit photos.


IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0856 IMG_0857 IMG_0858

By: Allison Bourelle


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