DHS students participate in National Day of Silence

The National Day of Silence is a day when students from across the world take a vow of silence for one Friday in April every year. The National Day of Silence for 2017 is on April 21. This day is a protest against the silence that the LGBT+ community is faced with. Sophomore Cierra Dillon, who is a part of the DHS Gay-Straight Alliance, is planning on participating in the Day of Silence.

“It’s a very important cause for me because I have been silenced for a very long time before I came out of the closet,” Dillon said. “My family silenced me. They didn’t want me to come out at all.”

Dillon was inspired to take part in the 2017 Day of Silence because of how little participation she saw on the last Day of Silence.

“I saw one girl, who doesn’t go here anymore, she was a senior last year, and she participated in the Day of Silence and she was the only one I saw,” Dillon said. “GSA is, like, a big thing. And I thought it’d be really cool if I did it too, because I think it’s a very important cause and it means to much to me. I’m glad I can do it this year.”

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