Poetic passion: Andre Buckley

DHS is full of athletic, smart, and intelligent students with many talents, but sophomore Andre Buckley has a talent that not many people are aware of. Buckley is competing in the “Poetry Out Loud” state poetry competition in Lansing, Mich. there are many students from high schools all across Michigan. His performance at Ren Fair  when he was a freshman is what sparked his involvement with poetry on a larger scale.

“[English teacher Cory] Thompson heard it and told [English teacher kimberly] Hilliard and they thought I would be perfect to represent DHS at the competition,” Buckley said.

Buckley’s love of poetry started around fifth grade, and he had his first opportunity to show his poetry to an audience.

“I showed everyone my first edited poem at a coffee shop in Saginaw, and my whole family was there to support which made me less nervous,” Buckley said. “Also I was really young and it was a whole new experience to me, so having my family there was really comforting.”

This is when Buckley realized that he had a gift. He has continued it ever since, and now realizes he has the chance to represent DHS in a big way.

Buckley feels very prepared for the competition and now that he is experienced.

“I don’t get nervous anymore, I have ice in my veins,” Buckley said. “People always think that I would be nervous because of big crowds and the fact that it is poetry so it’s kind of personal, but I don’t, I want people to hear my work.”

The competition is getting closer and Buckley has been practicing non stop so he has a chance to win. He realizes he is going to have a lot of competition, but again, he is not nervous he is just preparing.

“I’m also really excited because I get to miss school and stay in a hotel,” Buckley said.

So with the competition to look forward to, Buckley is ecstatic about the experience he is about to encounter.

By: Jon Baillargeon

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