DHS Varsity Cheer

Cheerleading involves a lot of change, and the girls go through a lot of changes throughout the year. During fall season, the cheerleaders cheer the football boys outside. In the winter, the cheerleaders will move to the gym to cheer on the basketball teams.

“We go through a lot of changes in a season, and I feel like our captains help us through that and make the change fun,” sophomore Sophie Dehn said.

The job of the group was to get the student section fired up during and before the basketball games.

“It was a great year everyone participated and a lot of people went to the games,” Dehn said.

Changing people around to make their team better is also a process, moving from a smaller position to a bigger position doesn’t happen often, but it did this year, the girls  had to adapt and fill in those spots.

“Nobody expected this to happen but it did and the girls adapted well,” Dehn said.

The girls are now getting ready to cheer on the football team in the fall of next school year with specific preparations and are looking for underclassmen to step up during tryouts.

By: Jon Baillargeon

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