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image6Over the last weeks, DHS seniors Victoria Anaele and Carolina Donoso worked together with fourth graders from Woodcrest Elementary School to create a mirror to decorate the school. Not a regular class project, this is an initiative of the National Art Honor Society (NaHS).  

The mirror itself has the shape of a tree and the individual learners profiles of the elementary students going off of it. The final result is going to decorate the school.image4

The two DHS students divided the students of the art class into groups and helped them create their learners profile.

“It was interesting to see how the kids got really excited and even stayed for recess and they wanted to continue doing the art,” Donoso said.

Showing the elementary students how great art can be, was one of the major goals behind the project.

“At the beginning there was this one boy who said this would be the worst day of his life but in the end he ended up staying for recess to finish his art,” Anaele said.

The mirror for Woodcrest Elementary is only one of many projects the NHS does for the community, as they previously also created a mirror for the MPS building and designed the logo for MPS.

By: Lukas Klassen

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Lukas Klassen

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