Bringing Coffee to your first hour

Many students start their day off with coffee as a way to wake up for class and as an enjoyable drink.

“I guess [it’s] just something to drink. I have to have coffee in the morning to function, that’s how my mornings go,” sophomore Paul Weckesser said.

While some students have a favorite, go to mug for every morning, other are more concerned with the content rather than the container.

DSC_0955“I don’t really have a favorite mug, it’s just kinda what I can grab and it’s usually the brown one,” junior Ashley Neuenfeldt said.

Drinking coffee is almost like a daily ritual for some students, bringing it in everyday and not being able to function without it.

“I don’t function really well without my coffee, I have a cup on the way in and at least one more when I get here. I have a favorite mug, it’s double insulated so it will keep the coffee warm for about 2 hours which is good for me,” teacher Thomas Evans said.

Letting students bring in coffee is also a choice that teachers face when teaching a classDSC_0966.

“As of this year I made sure I had the ability as a teacher to make that decision and when I was given a green light, I told my students they could bring in coffee,” Evans said.

Being able to drink coffee in the morning is the boost that many students need to get work done.

“Yeah Mr. Pickering doesn’t care at all and sometimes my second hour teacher gives [coffee] to me,” Weckesser said.


By: Davis Oberdorf

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