Opening day distraction

On Nov. 15, opening day of rifle season for deer, outdoors-men all around Michigan pack their guns and camouflage gear and head out into the wilderness in search of a deer. This year, opening day falls on a school day, causing many students to miss school for more time in the woods.

Ever since senior Andrew Kaiser was young, he would go hunting and miss school on the opening day of rifle season.

“It’s a family tradition every year and we just love hunting,” Kaiser said. “Opening day only happens once a year so it’s important for me to get out there. I miss school on opening day so I can get a head start on the hunting and to keep my family tradition.”

Nick Sage misses school on Nov. 15 for hunting as well, but often takes up other activities as the day goes on.

“Opening day for me is a good excuse for me to get out of school for the day to do something I love,” Sage said. “It’s nice for a few hours and if I don’t see anything or get something pretty early, I usually take a trip to the river and spend the rest of my day fishing. Hunting is fun and all but personally, I like fishing more and on opening day hunting is my priority but come on, fishing never stops for me.”

By: John Rettig

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