Should final exams be included in the curriculum?

Final exams are just around the corner and it only adds to the frenzy and stress that students already have to face along with extracurricular and final projects that are due at the end of the year. For some, final exams offers the final push to improve their grades to where they want them to be whereas for others it means just the opposite. Either way, they invoke a feeling of panic and fear for all students. Colleges across the United States and around the world are slowly starting to phase out final exams and instead are replacing them with mandatory essays that are due at the end of the year.

In the spring term at Harvard last year, only 259 of the 1,137 undergraduate courses had a scheduled final exam, the lowest number since 2002, according to Jay M. Harris, the dean of undergraduate education. This reflects the opinion that in the 21st century, there needs to be a new way to assess not only what the students have learned throughout the year but also to be able to critically think and voice their opinions on the subject at hand.

DHS sophomore David Wang believes that “final exams are necessary as a means incentivize students to retain all that was taught.”

The only issue with Wang has is that he believes that there should be more “in between individual class exams so that each one can be prepared for adequately.”

While students at DHS agree that a form of an assessment is important, they could be more tangible depending on the class.

Sophomore Derek Yan also thinks that this should be the case at DHS.

“I think finals exams are a good tool for assessing aptitude in a objective class such as math or the sciences, but for classes such as English and other humanities, a project or other open ended way of assessment may be better,” Yan said.

Freshman Tyler Conrad also shares his opinion.

“I think that for us the sooner we update the exam curriculum the better compared to other grades as we have more time for change to happen,” Conrad said.

While students have different opinions of what types of exams they should take, final exams are going to happen this year regardless of opinion and probably will remain for years to come.

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By: Abraham Yum

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