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“It can be tough on some days but then you get into the routine,” GVSU freshman Caleb Richard said when talking about his challenges transitioning from high school football to college.

“Depending on the sport you play you can be spending around 6 hours practicing daily, unlike in high school when it was usually only a couple of hours a day,” Richard said in his opinion about what the differences are between high school sports and college sports.

From being a player on a high school football team to playing in the big leagues with college athletes is a big difference between practices and the sports itself. But the hardest part according to Richard is “the training for me changed from being a power lifter to a yoga master.”

And when asked about what he would say to someone who is going to play at the college level next year, “I would tell someone to make sure they really love the sport and want to do it in college. Because if they don’t love it then they won’t make it at the college level.”

The things people say about going pro or being an all-star at the college level is true for some who truly love the sport and work at it every day, but for slackers who do enough just to get by might not make it at the level they think they are able to play at.

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