Are you ready to play with the big boys?

As the Varsity baseball team gets ready for Districts, some JV players will be pulled up to help bring the team victory, out of all of the players that have joined the JV team only some will be pulled up to join the Varsity during Districts.

When asked about being pulled up from JV to Varsity, Michael Erickson said, “I feel that it is a great opportunity kind of just to be with every one in the program the older guys on the team too get a feel for a higher level of baseball.”

When asked about why he was pulled up, Erickson added that “it is a great recognition for working hard”

When asked about this opportunity to practice with the Varsity, Erickson said, “this is a great opportunity to improve his skills”

As others are pulled up to play or even just practice the way the coaches think and pick who is going to be put on Varsity for the rest of season is up to them.

When Justin Sanderson was asked about his thoughts on being pulled up to Varsity he said, “It was exciting and honestly I was very surprised.”

After talking about being pulled up to Varsity he added, “It’s a new experience being on Varsity, they do new things that the JV team doesn’t”

The way that people are able to respond in different ways to being pulled from a JV team to the Varsity, is all in how they want to think about what the coaches thought about how they played that season, about how they played during the game, how every moment of the game was played rather it be winning by 10 or losing by 20. This could all go into how these players are picked at the end of their season to come join and play with the Varsity to get ready for Districts.

By: Davis Oberdorf

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