Art Expo and the Center for the Arts

A compilation of pencil sketched peanuts by seniors Paige Stemler, Katie Meidt, and junior Nicolas Pereira.

In the DHS art program, students are given the opportunity to have their work showcased to a wider audience. The students in a multitude of art classes have their work shown and broadcasted to a large audience outside of DHS through the Center for the Arts expo.

“I made a pencil sketching of peanuts for a grade,” junior Nick Pereira said. “I didn’t even know it was put into the art show until I went.”

The art work to be shown was handpicked by Curt Gledhill from among his art students.  The artwork ranged from pottery and sculptures to collages made by those in beginning art. The art show and expo provided a place where students’ work could be published on a larger scale helping aspiring student artists to be discovered and win awards at the local, state, and national level.

“It’s neat when I have my artwork put into one of the art shows because then I know I did well,” Pereira said.

The art teachers at DHS regularly pick a variety of pieces of art from across several different mediums to go to the art expo and other similar art competitions. The pieces are first judged at the local level, then the state level. If the pieces manage to make it past the state level they’re then automatically entered into a national competition.

For more information on the center for the arts click here

By: Matthew Morawa

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