What Students Do Before and After Prom

As the month of April comes to a close, the students of DHS know what’s coming up: Prom. The concept of prom isn’t new to many people.  The scene of students wearing fancy dresses and tuxedos and dancing with one another isn’t an unfamiliar sight.  Before and after prom, however, is what people aren’t as exposed to.

Although the activities students take part in after prom can be different for different friend groups, what they do before prom tends to stay the same.  Students typically go to Dow Gardens, where they are admitted for free, and take pictures with their dates or their friends.  This year, at Dow Gardens, there is even going to be a DJ.  This is one of the consistent highlights of prom night.

When the event is over, students typically go their separate ways with their respective friend groups.  While there is no one thing that every student does, it seems that going to parties is a growing trend.

Cherry Berry cashier Crystal Barnes said the frozen yogurt shop isn’t exactly the ideal place to visit after prom.  She laughed at the idea of students deciding to meet up at Cherry Berry after prom.

“Normally after prom people go to a house party,” Barnes said. “That’s what I did.”

Cherry Berry may not be the most popular place students visit after prom, but Midland still has more to offer.

“Or maybe if it’s nice outside they’ll walk by The Tridge or meet up at a restaurant,” Barnes said of the other activities she’s seen people do.

Senior Nisha Patel spoke of what she did after prom.

“Last year we all went to a couple friends’ house,” Patel said. “We had planned a party.”

Patel isn’t the only person part of this trend.

“Usually some people decide to even, like, skip the dance and they’ll just go straight to a party,” Patel said of what other people in her grade normally do. “Or they won’t go to a party.  It’s really just depending on personal taste.”

By: Eisha Hassan

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