Savanah Speaker shares political views

This year is an election year. Elections bring campaigns, and with campaigns comes supporters. There are fervent student supporters of all candidates here at DHS, some of them are considerably more politically active than others. A few students participate in rallies and protests and they are very politically active in their everyday lives, students like junior Savanah Speaker. Speaker has taken part in numerous activists assemblies, such as an LGBT pride rally. She supports Bernie Sanders for president and has made her opinion on him clear.

“I’m a supporter of Bernie because I think he’s for the working class, the wealth gap in the country is really extreme and he’s the only one doing anything about it,”Speaker said.

Speaker, as of yet, has not been to any rallies for Bernie Sanders but hopes to attend one if he wins the primaries and gets the nomination for the Democratic party. Attending political rallies for politicians and showing support for progressives is nothing new to Speaker though.

“I’ve gone to a few different political events already,” Speaker said. “I started at a young age, my parents took me to a protest and I’ve been active for a few years now. The most recent [event] I went to was to show solidarity for the LGBT community in Michigan at Lansing.”

With the primaries coming to a close there’ll be more chances for students to participate in the political process, and with that comes more students supporters. The encroaching general election appears to be a controversial one with candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. But controversial candidates often bring the most supporters out.

By: Matt Morawa

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Matthew Morawa

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One thought on “Savanah Speaker shares political views

  1. JeremiahDrabik April 19, 2016 at 7:55 am

    Overall this was a fairly interesting story, but I feel it was a bit short and could have been a little more thorough. The title implied that the story would deal with multiple students, but instead it focused on only one person, from one side of the political spectrum. Maybe the topic could have been more suited to a personality piece about the interviewee?


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