Spring Break may have faded away but the experiences never will

Everything has to come to an end.  As spring break rounds off, the stories begin to break out. At Dow High, there are as many spring break experiences as there are students. Some of the craziest things happened over the course of just one week and they were experiences that the students will never forget. The many students of all ages experience many crazy, outgoing spring break experiences that anyone could even think could happen within a week.

The students at Dow High seemed to have a pattern of their favorite part of vacation being shopping or, the usual, going to the beach. Freshman Kristina Danielsen traveled to Greece this spring break, where her best experience while vacationing there was shopping at many small boutiques and spending many days at the beach.

“I’ll never forget this great break with my family,” Danielsen said . Not only did she have a great time, she now has memories of a lifetime.

Senior Madeline Hayes vacationed in Cancun, Mexico on the senior spring break. She indicated that it was he favorite spring break experience because she made so many new friends and became very close to many of the Dow High students. Her overall craziest experience that she did would be parasailing.

“The views were unbelievable, it made me feel like I was in a different world,” Hayes said.

Overall, the spring break experiences were very outgoing but everything comes to an end. This is appreciated because it gives the students the opportunity to show off the great experiences they experienced and the crazy memories that will never be forgotten . The experiences that the students of Dow High have could go on forever, everyone has a story to tell.

By: Hannah Bartos

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