NHS applications sent to sophomores

NHS stands for National Honor Society, and recently sophomores were sent an e-mail if they held a 3.4 or above GPA that they had been accepted as a candidate for the program.

The NHS application is composed of three things, a letter from the applicant, a letter from an adult reference, and an activity sheet. The application board processes each one of the applications, what they are looking for students that have a well rounded life. They search for students who don’t just do one thing. Doing well academically is important for the application, but so is being apart of the community at Dow High.

“We look for students who have found ways to be apart of the school community,” Application Board chair member and teacher Mark Pickering said.

Pickering’s main role in NHS is looking for possible candidates and processing applications. NHS might be a nice thing for college applications but it’s more than that.

“It’s a service organization, it’s an honor society, and it’s been Dow high’s tradition since the beginning of the school,” Pickering said.

This opportunity is more than proof that you had a good GPA throughout high school, it’s states that you were willing to do the extra 10 percent and put in the work to help one’s community. Ultimately if students are looking for a away to make them their best selves while also helping the people around them then NHS is a good choice for them.

By: Maddie F. Jones

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Maddie Fay Jones

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2 thoughts on “NHS applications sent to sophomores

  1. Eisha Hassan April 19, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Maybe you shouldn’t use “you” if you’re writing an informational news brief. I also think that the last paragraph is a bit opinionated, since you’re saying it’s a good choice (since some may disagree). Overall, the story had useful information, though!

  2. Ben Zeitler April 23, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    While you did a solid job covering the basics of the application process, a more interesting story on the topic is out there. Several sophomores, myself included, had no knowledge that the applications were due on March 18th up until a day before said due date. This was because the only form of communication was an email forwarded to the eligible students, and many students do not regularly check their school emails. As a result, some students were unable to apply for a club that might have significantly helped their cause when applying for colleges in the near future. Covering that aspect of NHS applications would make for a good story.


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